Splat T-shirts

T Shirts are 100% cotton fruit of the loom .

The splat shirt comes in 4 main sizes with hundreds of design options

Ages available are 3 to 4 / 5 to 6 / 7 to 8 / 9 to 11

Each T shirt comes with 6 magic splat pens
Pink / Blue / Orange / Red / Green & Yellow

*The Product*
1. Place a piece of paper or card inside the T shirt to avoid the colours running through

2… Colour in the T shirt & wear

3….For best results wash on a 40-60 degree wash , and the colours will magically disappear. ( please note you can wash in your normal white wash with your other whites . The colours won’t run into any other items of clothing, they will just disappear)

4….. Colour in and create a New picture to wear again

5…. The pens can be used on any other item of clothing and some other surfaces . Wash out as normal

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